Maine Trip-Summer 2017

We had been talking about returning to Lake Pocomoonshine and Grand Lake Stream in Maine for well over 30 years! Finally, 3 of the 4 original members of the 1982 trip made it back in early June. Maine is a long way from Maryland but after a stay over north of Boston for the evening, we stopped at the original LL Bean in the morning and made the cabin site, The Hideaway, by mid afternoon. The fishing agenda for the week was smallmouth bass, pike and land lock salmon. The first morning getting ready to tour the lake in our power boats brought back a lot of memories. The Lake is beautiful with crystal clear water and dark green pines lining the shore. The one surprise of the day was there were no fish on their beds.  We caught several smallies of points about 20′-30′ off shore. We found out that evening that they had a cool and rainy Spring.  The conscience was that the bass had delayed their spawn and we were a bit early.  Nevertheless, streamers-Black Ghosts and wooly buggers caught fish all week with an occasional largemouth and pike in the mix and a few on small poppers and other surface flies. Fishing on Grand Lake was just what you would image it would be with land locks flying out of the water trying to throw the hook.  We usually waded in the stream by late afternoon with activity starting around 7pm. If memory serves me correct, it’s about a three mile run between the dam and the lake. Several spots are named for their ability to hold fish. We fished several different holes with success. Most salmon were between 15″-20″ and one brookie was 15″! Again, below surface fishing was the most successful. I caught the majority of fish on midges and streamers.

Although the fishing was very good, I always enjoy my friends more than anything. Wayne, Derrick and Bill are accomplished fly fisherman and spending a week of fishing, conversation, having a daily happy hour and sharing some great dinners made for a perfect trip.

Hopefully we won’t wait another 30+years!  Actually, I already booked the same cabin for next June….

Hope you had a great summer,


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