Grauer’s Fine Fly Tackle new site 

The founder of the Maryland Fly Fishing and Collectable Show is Wayne Grauer. I had the good fortune to meet Wayne a long time ago and value our friendship to this day. Below is an excerpt from his very first website home page. Wayne is very knowledgable in bamboo rods and Hardy reels and has many classic rods and reels on his site for sale. He also is a dealer for Douglas rods and reels, Wulff  and Cortland lines and Chota waders . His site is—check it out!


Hello, I’m Wayne Grauer, sole owner, chief cook and bottle washer for Grauer’s Fine Fly Tackle. I’ve been in the fly fishing business for thirty plus years and have had the pleasure of meeting many of you at the variuos fly fishing shows on the East Coast that I have participated in over the years.

I was the oldest R.L. Winston dealer in the country. Other companies I’ve represented are: Charlie & Steve Jenkins, Jon Parker, John Zimmer, Hardy, Ross and Cortland. I presently sell: Hardy, Douglas, Cortland, Wulff, Chota and Pure Fishing products.

Over these many years, I have had pass through my hands many of the classic and modern bamboo rods, fiberglass rods and reels. I’ve learned alot about vintage tackle from persons such as Joe Garman, Fred Grafield, Bob Selb, Tom Clark, Jack Coyle, Hoagy Carmichael, John Shaner and rod builders Per Brandin, Glenn Brackett, Tom Morgan, Jerry Kustich, Marc Aroner, Dana Gray, Domenic Croce, Charles and Steve Jenkins, Jon Parker, John Zimny and others. These gentlemen were more than generous with their help and have become cherished friends and I am eternally grateful to them.

For many years I have sent out a mailing list for new and used tackle, but now at the urging of my friends, I am joining the modern world of technolgy, of which I virtually no nothing–but I have friends that do!- Thanks Ralph.

I hope you may find something of interest on these pages. If so, call me for more details. I can send photos of all items (courtesy of my granddaughter who knows more than I will ever know about computers!)

All items are described as accurately as possible, but I can, and do, make mistakes. If you find something I missed, please let me know.

Thank you to all of my customers and friends. I’m looking forward to serving your tackle needs.

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