Vendor Spotlight: Tony DiCicco

Midstream Outdoors began with the introduction of The Tippet Boss, The Absolute Best Leader Material


Storage, Handling and Dispensing Device on Planet Earth .  Since it’s inception, the Tippet Boss has demonstrated Standardized Spooling, Generous Spool Capacity, Speed of Operation, Unprecedented Design Practicality and Manifold Options in an Economical, Ecologically Friendly and Self Contained Storage Unit. Whether your specialty is Trout Fishing, Salmon and Steelhead Fishing, Light Saltwater or Warm Water Fly Fishing.

The Tippet Boss is available with Pre-Loaded Spools of The World’s Finest Fly Fishing Leader Materials.

Diameters range from.017″ to .004″, and, for a more personalized approach,

The Tippet Boss can be loaded with any brand of leader material desired. The process  may be accomplished at a lower cost to the end user or fly tackle retailer through the purchase of large capacity spools to serve a group of anglers.

The Tippet Boss Spool capacities vary from 30 meters of 20 lb. test Nylon to approximately 100 meters or more in the finer diameters.

Midstream Outdoors provides 30 meters of material per given size of Chameleon, Ultra Green or STROFT GTM.

All Spools are furnished with individual Cutter Bands.


Midstream Outdoors “Hard Rodware” : Highest Quality Components and Custom Machining

We Offer The Rodmaker options on the finest quality components available.

Cap and Ring, Sliding Band or Screw-Locking Reel Seats, along with Machined from Solid Ferrules, define themselves as a signature to your custom rod work.

Proprietary designs, replacement parts for Classic Reels and  Split Cane Fly Rods are available upon request.

Visit Tony at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

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