Vendor Spotlight: Thom Glace


Thom Glace specializes in nature studies. His favorite subjects are trout, salmon, freshwater and saltwater game fish. He also enjoys Songbirds, Shorebirds & an occasional  Landscape. Subjects for both the watercolor paintings and the photographs are influenced by Thom’s travels and moves throughout the world. He and his wife, Mary, resided in New England, Central PA, North Carolina, the Caribbean and The Netherlands, and traveled to over fifty countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Since his early retirement due to a heart condition, Thom has been able to pursue his love
of painting full time. After all their travels and moves Thom and Mary, have settled down in Mechanicsburg, PA.
Thom Glace has participated in Art Shows in New England, Texas, Virginia, Maryland,West Virginia, New York City & Pennsylvania and has been featured in Regional and National Magazines. He was the Featured artist at the 2014 Virginia Fly Fishing Festival. Originals, Prints and Note Cards are available at the listed Galleries in Pennsylvania, Montana, New Hampshire and North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Visit Thom’s table at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show


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