Vendor Spotlight: Eunan Hendron


I’ve been tying flies since I was about 10, a direct progression from fishing still water team competitions with my father as a young boy. I began tying classic flies (wet, streamer and atlantic salmon) towards the end of 2011, having never tied them before. A pretty steep learning curve, not for the faint of heart, but many thanks are due to the members of various forums who gave me tips and constructive criticism to aid my progression. There is something about the classics that totally side tracks me (in a good way) from all the other fly tying I should be doing, and I love it. I don’t fish nearly as often as I’d like, and the flies I’ve submitted here are, for the most part, original patterns I’ve developed based on ideas about themes, materials and colors, rather than fish catching ability, however, I’m sure they would be successful fish catchers. I’ve tried to stick as true to the classic streamer style as possible while carrying over some ideas from classic wet flies and salmon flies.

Originally from Northern Ireland, I now call Philadelphia, PA home. I’m a working toward a PhD in Biochemistry, and I’ve a 1-year-old daughter – hopefully she’ll be tying flies too before long!

Come to the Maryland Fly Fishing Show and see a great assortment of his flies!


jungle_ghost_eunan hendron

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