A HUGE tip of the old Stetson to Wayne and Ralph on a job well done.  The show exceeded all expectations.  I heard nothing but positive comments from the floor on both sides of the aisle.  Attendees remarked that the lack of a credible show in the DC/Baltimore area has been addressed, and all were hoping to see it continue.  Vendors were unanimously positive.  Guys, you did well!

I realize I may be seen as biased, but this was a show in a style I haven’t experienced in maybe 25 years.  It was fun first, the commercial aspect was terrific, but secondary to the overall experience.

Wayne’s tribute to Lefty was just right.  Not overdone, not like something done from obligation, just right.

My final comment:  MORE!!

Fred Grafeld

Vintage Tackle

Thanks for the kind words Fred, already started to prepare for next year’s Show!

7 thoughts on “Message from Fred Grafeld, Vintage Tackle

  1. Unbelievable experience that you are NOT going to get at other fly fishing shows in the area. They have their place… but this one has its as well !!! Personal, approachable, and LOCAL !

  2. A lot of Guys (myself included) have been getting increasingly tired of the “Big Box” shows where travel to “exotic” destinations, “famous” authors and “experts” giving demonstrations dominate everything. This show was real, for guys who really love flyfishing, classic tackle, and meeting new guys and old friends who walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I had a great time. Wayne and Ralph, WELL DONE.

  3. Great show. A good mix of classic and current fly fishing vendors, which is something that no other show offers. I met with friends, made new friends, and bought some cool tackle. Can’t wait until next year’s show!

  4. So appreciate the positive comments… we have a wonderful pastime and it is a blessing to be be surrounded by good people. Wayne, you deserve all the accolades you get! Congratulations on planning and providing an outstanding show.

  5. I was so delighted to attend this show.There was a good amount of younger people at this show which is something you do not typically see these days.As we get older, its nice to see interest in the sport passed to the next generation.There was lots of cane rods and other classic tackle to see. It was a great overall experience and can hardly wait for next year!
    Wayne and Ralph are to be commended on a job well done!

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