Congrats to one of our vendors for being picked in a featured article about millennials making a difference.

Mason, 16, and Palmer, 15, Kasprowicz
Founders of Flies by Two Brothers, Va.

Flies equal money for college times two (F = MC*2). That’s the equation Mason and Palmer Kasprowicz came up with to explain their business, Flies by Two Brothers. They started tying fishing flies and selling them in 2014, saving their profits for college tuition.

In the last four years, the brothers have sold almost 4,000 of their homemade flies through trade shows and their online store.

Mason Kasprowicz said the business is about more than the money. The boys also learned “How to write good emails, how to talk to people, make eye contact, website building, knowing how to make taxes, all important life skills that come with operating a business.”

In their spare time, the brothers are president and vice president of their high school’s fishing club and are youth representatives for the Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Make sure you stop by their booth and buy a few flies at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show….

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