Vendor Spotlight: Gunpowder River Keeper


Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER® (GRK) is a grassroots, advocacy based membership organization charged with protecting, conserving and restoring the Gunpowder River and its Watershed.

GRK works to strengthen ties within the communities that benefit from this vital water resource by engaging in outreach activities, which have an inherent stewardship message that transcends economic, social and educational boundaries.

GRK is the 18th WATERKEEPER ALLIANCE®program in the Chesapeake region and takes responsibility for protecting and conserving the Gunpowder river and its watershed for the benefit of the public.

GRK also strives to create partnerships among existing non-profits in the Chesapeake Bay Region that share its goal of protecting, conserving and restoring the Gunpowder river and its environs for all users.

Become a member or donate to Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER® today to help ensure that this valuable water resource is protected from pollution from industry, agriculture, stormwater runoff, lawn fertilizers, and sewage overflows.

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