Vendor Spotlight- Jim Tingey, The Flat Taxidermist


Jim Tingey calls himself a flat
taxidermist. Most of us would call
him an artist.
Jim is retired, or so he says, but you’d
never know it from his schedule.
Before Jim retired from teaching fourth
graders, he used to invite his graduating
students to a one day fly fishing clinic
where he would bring in members of the
local TU Chapter to help with casting
instructions and local fly tiers to teach the
kids how to tie a simple fly.
Oh, and he’d let the kids cast cane rods,
as one of the guys helping the kids said,
“What a great way to learn, cane rod,
tying lessons and bluegills, I wish I was
eleven again.”

Jim is active with a number of groups
who promote flyfishing, he donates
paintings to charitable organizations, he
promotes his business at trade shows and
has the same problem most of us do, one
more rod-itis. So he has a number of rods
and his own personal addiction: cane.
Jim admits, “It’s a problem, you pick up a
rod, it feels right, it looks great and then
you convince yourself, I should have this
rod and you wind up taking it home.” In
this case, home for a rod is the best man
cave I’ve ever been in: a saddle, lures,
photos, books, stuffed everything on the
walls and a guitar or two.
Jim is also a fine musician and from what
I understand, enjoys Jimmy Buffett tunes.
Like most Midwestern fly fishers, Jim
fishes for multiple species. He also takes
photos and makes drawings to use as
reference when someone wants a painting
of a specific type of fish.
Jim works from photos sent to him and
uses theses these drawings to help match
the photos of fish sent to him. So that
when the painting is done, it’s an accurate
representation of the fish. Jim also does
them , life sized. So if you catch that 54”
muskie, you can have an illustration of
the fish instead of a photo of you and
your catch.
He showed me a series of smallmouth
bass that he’d done, a musky, some
drawings of pheasant, and framed
artwork of flies that he’d painted for the
Orvis catalog.
I asked Jim, who taught him to draw and
who influenced him, “I’m a doodler, you
know, self-taught. I just kept at it, drawing
was something that I like to do and I’d
take a class or something but I just kept at
it and eventually, I started selling art from
time to time.”
Jim has artwork from coast to coast as
well as wall to wall.
“I think I’m a good alternative to a wall
mount and I usually add a photo insert
of my client so that when they look at the
painting, they’ll remember that moment.”
Jim Tingey, aka The Flat Taxidermist, all
around good guy, so if you’re thinking
about getting a wall mount, think flat,
your spouse might thank you.

Visit Jim at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

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