Bamboo Rods, not for everyone or are they?


Ever cast a bamboo rod?  If you would like to try one, why not attend the Maryland Fly Fishing Show on Saturday, March 16, 2019.  There are many misconceptions about bamboo rods.  For instance-you have probably heard that they break easy or cannot hold a heavy fish, they cost thousands of dollars and you have to treat them with kid gloves.  First, any rod can be broken if the owner is careless in its’ use.  I once saw a demonstration by Bill Cairns of Orvis where he took a butt section of a bamboo rod and the butt sections of a glass and graphite rod.  He struck all three with equal force on the edge of a counter.  The bamboo rod had no fractures or breaks, where both the glass and graphite sections broke!  Granted you will not be slapping your rods on corners of tables!  The demonstration merely showed the actual strength of a bamboo rod. As far as landing heavy fish-Joe Brooks, the pioneer of salt-water fly-fishing landed a 100 lb. tarpon on a bamboo fly rod with no damage to the rod!  The last misconception is price.  Yes, many highly collectable cane rods are expensive but many can be purchased for under $300-much less than a high quality graphite.

It is not my intention to tell people they should own a bamboo rod, as I fish many excellent graphite and glass rods.  I just want fly anglers to know that cane rods are a viable alternative and truly connects us to the sport of fly-fishing.

Please come to the show, look at some bamboo rods, take the next step, and cast one-you might be delightfully surprised! Of course, in addition to the bamboo rods, there will be many excellent new and used glass and graphite rods for you to consider.

Wayne Grauer

See the classic bamboo rods and Hardy reels our Show Founder will have for sale at the Show!

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  1. Joseph Flores
    February 18, 2018 at 10:53 pm

    I bought my first bamboo rod from you years ago for $120. Landed some nice fish with that rod and still love to fish it when I can, but now I have to fit it in with the 40 other bamboo rods I have. Dont know weather thank you or curse you 🙂
    Like you said, there not for everyone, but beware, casting a bamboo rod could lead to boo addiction.

    Cant wait for the show, what an incredible lineup!

    Joe Flores

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