Vendor Spotlight: Bob Selb


Hello!  My name is Robert Selb, maybe you have seen me at the major Fly Fishing Shows. I am a dealer and buyer of Classic and Collectable Books, Rods, Reels and Tackle.

Just to tell you a little about myself, I first started fishing when I was five years old.  Started fly fishing at fourteen. Started collecting Tackle around 22, and have been dealing in tackle for the last 30 years. I fished with my first cane rod (Hardy) in 1974.  It has been “Cane” ever since.  I enjoy traveling from coast to coast, talking and meeting and trading stories with many of the top rod builders.  I have fished from Chile to Alaska, all over the states. 

I am an agent for J. D. Wagner, Bill Harms, Rick Robbins, Bobby Taylor, John Gallas, Jim Beasley, Don Schroeder, Jim Downes and deal in many Classic and Collectable Cane Rods. We also carry Ron Kusse, and Dennis Menscer, Dana Gray, Marc Aroner and others.

I hope you make much time to enjoy the sport – it is a lot of fun! And yes!!  Please fish these fine cane rods!!  A lot of people ask me: “Do you fish with these Cane rods? There is no finer thing in life than catching a nice trout with a fine cane rod and a Classic Trout Reel!!

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Visit Bob at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

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