Vendor Spotlight: Richard Tillman



Richie Tillman: I started tying at the age of 5 with my Dad’s old vise and tying materials. Then that Christmas I got a fly tying kit from my Dad and my Great Uncle and card saying that on my birthday of that year he would teach me how to tye , and then we would go to his brother in laws who raised trout for the State of Maryland and after we would go trout fishing. After surgery for a malignant brain tumor in the spring of 1983 I got back to the vice, still doing some trout patterns once I completed high school It was off to college up, Until this point I did not fly fish but I could tye . It was at this point I discovered a small fly shop in town a short walk from college. There I was asked to start tying for the shop. Then I got a call from a friend saying,” would I like to take a Fly Tying class with him at a local Fly shop”. I said” sure”. The next evening he picked me up from school and we proceeded to drive to the very same shop I was tying for and as soon as I walked in the door the owner of the shop spoke up and said I didn’t need to learn how to tye but I sat through helping my friends until it came to tying Lefty’s Deceiver. This was a pattern I had heard about and very much wanted to learn because it was a saltwater pattern. From that point on I never looked back I wanted to learn as many saltwater patterns as possible from then on all I wanted to tye was saltwater flies . Now I tye flies for Bonefish, to Sharks and Billfish. East Coast, to West Coast, to around the world.

Watch and learn as Richie ties at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

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