Vendor Spotlight: Tim Abbott


I have been making rods for over 20 years. Even before I made my first rod I was redefining the process and creating new tools and methods that are now in use by many makers throughout the world. With an extensive background in designing many things from racing cars to industrial products, I brought this unique perspective to Rod Making. I continue to design and develop new ways of refining rod design and construction. While there are several thousand builders making rods, I am one of the few that can actually design tapers. I am continually learning and applying this knowledge to every new project.

In addition to rods, I also make tools for rod makers, custom reel feet (with complete reels soon), accessories, displays for rods and reels, fly tying tools, ect. I have worked with a number of Rod and Reel companies both in the US and internationally, to help develop their brands.

I have been features in the Art of Angling Journal, New York Times, Radical Rod Making, Fly-Inagaki (Japan). In 2015, I was awarded the A.P. Bellinger Award as well as Rod Maker for the 21st Century by the CFFCM.

Stop by and talk tapers with Tim at the Maryland Fly Fishing and Collectible Tackle Show

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