Vendor Spotlight: Great Feathers Fly Shop


Fly shops have long been recognized as places the fisherman collect, share stories, tie flies and, of course, embellish the one that got away. Aside from having a place to buy all of the gear necessary for fly fishing, the shop has become a respite to discuss all nuances of the sport with the men and women who truly embrace the sport, the traditions and that passion for it that can not necessarily be put into words. Trading fly patterns, refining techniques, casting new rods, creating the wish list and reminiscing about the day and fish you will never forget are daily fare. This is what makes the fly shop unique and it is what we try to preserve at Great Feathers.

Our responsibility is to the fisherman and having what they need is our goal. By staying current with trends and technology, we offer products that we believe in and that we use. The sport has gone through many changes in rods, reels, lines, waders, etc…, and that can be confusing to the fisherman. We will help you to understand what is changing and how it can improve the overall experience. There is no doubt that fly fisherman like what they like because they like it!! We get that, but sometimes improvements in products will translate into better results. If we are convinced, we will pass that on. There is no substitute for results.

There is little doubt that fly fishing has a mystique and romanticism that has been written about for centuries and there is sense of pride in perpetuating that feeling. Doing business in an historic 200 year old building, we try to preserve the feel and service of the fly shops of old while offering the best and newest products to our customers. Fly tying is our specialty and more specifically, North Country spiders and soft-hackled flies. These flies are traditional English patterns that are also centuries old and standards in the history of our sport. Materials for these flies are somewhat obscure and difficult to find. We have developed a reputation for having a great selection of these materials and the largest selection of tying supplies in the region.

Great Feathers offers a bridge from the old to the present in fly fishing. We have developed a unique environment for the fisherman whether you are a beginner or have fished all your life. Carrying on the passion for the sport is what we strive for. There is no better feeling than disappearing up a stream, away from the stresses of life, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and casting a fly to the stream.  This feeling is elevated when that elusive brown trout rises to your fly and it disappears. Whether there is someone near you to share your success or if only it is you and the stream, that feeling is one that you want to duplicate. This is the allure of fly fishing.

Stop by their table and say hi to owner Mike Watriss at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

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