Vendor Spotlight: Bart Lombardo

Bart Lombardo.1Fly fishing for bluegill and other sunfish species has always been a passion of mine. Collectively known as panfish, these scrappy fighters were made to be pursued with a fly rod. The first fish I caught on a fly was a bluegill. When the day comes that I can no longer wade a trout stream or paddle a kayak, they will be around to be my last.
Although I am a multi-species angler, chasing fish with a fly rod in cold, warm and salt water, panfish hold a special place in my heart. Many other anglers I know feel the same way, and that is why Panfish On The Fly was created. It was also built for all the folks who live hundreds or even thousands of miles from the nearest trout. Why wait for the annual trip to trout country to pick up that fly rod. You have fish living right in your back yard that are just waiting to grab your fly. Bluegills and other panfish are found everywhere! Visit me on the web at and join our group of over 17,000 members on Facebook!

Visit Bart’s table for all things bass and panfish flies. Also, don’t miss his Speaker Series presentation!

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