Vendor Spotlight: Flys In Disguise

bryan donoway

Flys in Disguise owned and operated by Bryan Donoway provides professional fly-fishing instruction and guided fly-fishing trips along the banks of the Gunpowder River in Northern Baltimore County located in Central Maryland. Instruction consists of an in depth introduction to the quiet sport of fly fishing covering everything from choosing the right gear to choosing the right fly.  In the classes, students will learn how to assemble their “outfit”, which includes the fly line, reels, rods, and other essential gear to get started.

Students will also learn the basics of fly casting and some more advanced casting “rolled” in. Since fly fishing in its purest form is about “Matching The Hatch” students will also learn how to identify insects and the flies that are used to imitate them while trying to fool wary trout in the cold waters of the Gunpowder.

Flys in Disguise Guides and Instructors are fully insured, licensed by MD DNR, and are CPR certified.

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