Vendor Spotlight: R.J. Hosack


Bamboo fly rod maker Bob Hosack has designed his own custom split cane fly rods creating superior casting control for light trout fly rods.

One of the things I think is very important concerning cane rods, is not only that they cast well, but also the weight in the hand of the rod. Many rods are built with impeccable craftsmanship along with a pleasing action, but they are very heavy in the hand. There’s nothing that deflates the fun of fishing more than a sore wrist and forearm. In constructing our rods, weight has been given major consideration. We have been very careful to keep the “Light in the Hand” feel.

Fly rods, whatever the material, should cast well and be “light” in the hand. This is one of the reasons we build basically light, split cane trout rods in bamboo. The “sweet feel” of a well designed bamboo fly rod has never been duplicated.

When I started to fly fish in my early twenties, I used an 8′ fiberglass rod. That 8′ fiberglass rod evolved into 8′ Bamboo rod, which then evolved into a 7′ faster action bamboo rod. The faster action bamboo rod fit my style of fishing and the Freestone and Limestone streams in Pa that I frequented. At that time graphite hadn’t come on the market and fiberglass and bamboo were the primary materials for fly rods. While there were, and are, really great fiberglass and graphite rods being made, bamboo rods became an integral part of the whole experience of fly fishing for trout to me. Then and now trout fishing and cane rods are for me inseparable.


Meet Bob and see his rods at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: Farm Girl Graphics



The outdoors and the natural world have always been a passion for me. Some of my earliest memories are of the times that I spent growing up outdoors. I am truly blessed to be born and raised in the farm country of western PA. Along with my love of nature, I also developed a love of art. Attending college in Bozeman, MT, allowed me pursue my love of natural art. While pursuing my BFA, on the weekend and after school, I would pursue my other passions of fly fishing, hiking, and snowboarding. The love of my life, my husband, introduced me to the Madison River for our first date. Although, I don’t think that the fish were biting well that day, I knew I had a great catch. Several years and many fly fishing trips later, I got engaged on that same trout stream in Montana.

I begin to shift my focus towards art of the piscine variety after countless amazing and beautiful fly fishing trips. I am fortunate to have fished and traveled through many pristine parts of our great country, and I do enjoy painting and studying various species of fish that I catch and read about. However, trout were my starting point, and the many species and colorations provide an almost endless supply of changing colors and patterns.


It has been a unique experience to see the fly fishing industry grow and evolve over the years. I must admit that, at first, it was a little intimidating enjoying a sport that was primarily composed of men. It has been great to see more and more women enjoying this amazing sport and community. The fly fishing industry is very dynamic and the members clearly care about one another. Last year was the first time that I was finally able to get my first pair of waders that were specifically designed for women. It is thrilling to help others find the joy of fly fishing and to be able to help them bring that beauty, and those memories, into their homes.

Vendor Spotlight: Tony DiCicco

Midstream Outdoors began with the introduction of The Tippet Boss, The Absolute Best Leader Material


Storage, Handling and Dispensing Device on Planet Earth .  Since it’s inception, the Tippet Boss has demonstrated Standardized Spooling, Generous Spool Capacity, Speed of Operation, Unprecedented Design Practicality and Manifold Options in an Economical, Ecologically Friendly and Self Contained Storage Unit. Whether your specialty is Trout Fishing, Salmon and Steelhead Fishing, Light Saltwater or Warm Water Fly Fishing.

The Tippet Boss is available with Pre-Loaded Spools of The World’s Finest Fly Fishing Leader Materials.

Diameters range from.017″ to .004″, and, for a more personalized approach,

The Tippet Boss can be loaded with any brand of leader material desired. The process  may be accomplished at a lower cost to the end user or fly tackle retailer through the purchase of large capacity spools to serve a group of anglers.

The Tippet Boss Spool capacities vary from 30 meters of 20 lb. test Nylon to approximately 100 meters or more in the finer diameters.

Midstream Outdoors provides 30 meters of material per given size of Chameleon, Ultra Green or STROFT GTM. All Spools are furnished with individual Cutter Bands.

Visit Tony at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: Rick Robbins


Rick Robbins of Lexington, Virginia has been building bamboo fly rods since 1972.  His love affair with bamboo fly rods began in the 1960s when, as a university student, he made his first ever credit purchase—an H.L. Leonard 48 DF.  After graduation, Hap Mills, of H. L. Leonard, introduced Rick to the karma of the Leonard line and ended up making Rick a Leonard dealer.  But it was a friendship with Tom Maxell, that began in 1971, that launched Rick as a bamboo rod builder.

As mentor and friend until his death in 1998, Tom Maxwell was the dominant influence on Rick’s work.  Rick also credits Marc Aroner’s friendship and help as significantly inspiring his pursuit of quality bamboo fly rod construction.


Make sure you stop by and say hi to Rick at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

All Fly Shows are not created equal


On March 16, 2019, the Maryland Fly Fishing and Collectible Tackle Show will be in Towson, Maryland. Only in its’ third year, the Show has quickly become a premiere regional show attracting a variety of professional exhibitors throughout the east coast. Doors are open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Tickets are only $10, kids under 12 are admitted free of charge.

The large commercial Shows certainly have their appeal if you are only looking for the new 2019 selection of rods/reels or want to book that special trip to Belize, but if you really want to experience fly fishing through the eyes of professional bamboo/graphite/glass rod builders, classic tackle dealers, national known artist and authors, regional guides not to mention our local fly shops from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, then this is a must attend event. We will have on display 65 vendors and have 130 tables and booths chock-full of everything fly fishing—ALL FOR SALE AT SHOW PRICES!

As we grow the Show each year we have attracted and provided more vendors. This year we will also have nationally recognized professional speakers on a wide variety of topics throughout the day-all for the cost of admission!

We are also proud to host a variety of non-profit organization booths that represent the fly-fishing sport with their dedicated service to this sport.

Did you say “any door prizes”, yes, with the price of admission; attendees earn a chance at numerous door prizes donated by our vendors and manufacturing brand leaders.  We will also have a special raffle table with big prizes for our winners.

The Maryland Fly Fishing and Collectible Tackle Show has something to offer everyone. There are multiple artists and shopping experiences beyond fly-fishing. The Show will be catered by Black & Gold Catering of Towson, Md. who will have some great food to serve.

Whether you have been fly-fishing your entire life or just getting started, this Show has something for you.

See you there…


Vendor Spotlight: Juniata Troutfitters


Juniata Troutfitters consists of 3 close friends, Jon Gonsman, John Brehm and Adam Smith. Growing up together and all going to school together, theye have played sports, been in bands, and spent a lot of time fishing on the Little Juniata River. In 2013 they decided to start Juniata Troutfitters. Guiding was a way to take one of their passions they shared to the next level. Through the years they have guided many satisfied customers from all skill levels. “We cherish each opportunity we get to share the river with others and look forward to spending time with our repeat customers each year. If you decided to book a trip with us we want you to know that we will go above and beyond to make sure your trip with us will be one to remember. Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we will be glad to answer any question you may have.”

All 3 of the owners will be joining us at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show. Stop by and book a trip!

Vendor Spotlight: Thom Glace


Thom Glace specializes in nature studies. His favorite subjects are trout, salmon, freshwater and saltwater game fish. He also enjoys Songbirds, Shorebirds & an occasional  Landscape. Subjects for both the watercolor paintings and the photographs are influenced by Thom’s travels and moves throughout the world. He and his wife, Mary, resided in New England, Central PA, North Carolina, the Caribbean and The Netherlands, and traveled to over fifty countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Since his early retirement due to a heart condition, Thom has been able to pursue his love of painting full-time. After all their travels and moves Thom and Mary, have settled down in Mechanicsburg, PA.
Thom Glace has participated in Art Shows in New England, Texas, Virginia, Maryland,West Virginia, New York City & Pennsylvania and has been featured in Regional and National Magazines. He was the Featured artist at the 2014 Virginia Fly Fishing Festival. Originals, Prints and Note Cards are available at the listed Galleries in Pennsylvania, Montana, New Hampshire and North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Visit Thom’s booth at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!


Vendor Spotlight: Strike Fly Company

strike fly co

Strike Fly Company is owned and operated by Brad Wilson. The company is based out of Lancaster, PA. Strike Fly Company’s goal is to offer high quality products at an affordable price. “I personally use all of the same gear and flies that I sell and love them all.”

Brad grew up around fly fishing and conservation work. After taking a few years off from fly fishing, he went to a local creek one afternoon a few years ago and got hooked. In the summer of 2018 he decided to take a road trip out west and live in a mini for 2 months. It was a life changing experience filled with incredible streams, rivers, and fish. Since then it has become an obsession, which has led to Strike Fly Company. His mission with Strike Fly Company is to offer great quality products at a great price. His line includes flies, boxes and more.

Stop by Strike Fly Company and check out their special show prices at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: Chester Rod Company

Brian is a long-time fisherman from Rockbridge County, Virginia, and began his apprenticeship with bamboo rodmaker Rick Robbins in 2004.  Brian’s education in woodworking and metalsmithing from Virginia Commonwealth University solidified his strong interest in the craft and enabled his growth as a rodbuilder. Since 2006 Brian has been producing his own line of custom bamboo fly rods, and is continually devising innovative and beautiful rods.

The Chester Rod Company shop, located in Middlebrook, Virginia, is where all of Brian Kleinchester’s rods are hand-crafted.

As well as developing his own tapers, Brian builds his own nickel silver ferrules and reel seat hardware. He offers his rods in blonde or flamed, with bright nickel silver or blued hardware. Each rod has a swelled butt, comes with mirrored tips, and is packed in an aluminum tube with brass fittings.


 The Laurel Run Series
Best fit for small streams and for fishing in tight spaces.
The Laurel Run Series includes:  6’ 6” 2pc. for IV;  6’ 8” 2pc. for IV;  6’ 6” 3pc. for V

 The Hidden Valley Series
The perfect choice for compact fishing and hike-in waters
The Hidden Valley Series includes:  7’ 3pc. for IV;  7’ 6” 3pc. for V

 The Jackson Series
At home on small to medium tail water fisheries
The Jackson Series includes:  7’ 2pc. for IV;  7’ 6” 2pc. for V

 The Holston Series
Well-suited for larger rivers
The Holston Series includes:  8’ 3pc. for V;  8’ 3pc. for VI;  8’ 6” 3pc. for V

 The Maury Series
The one to go to for the fisherman who likes hoppers and poppers
The Maury Series includes:  7’ 3” 3pc. for VI;  7’ 6” 3pc. for VII

Chester Rod Company

Visit Brian at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show, he’ll be with John Shaner at the Hardy booth!

The Show’s Fly Shops


Mike (Owner, Great Feathers) showing Derrick a rod last year that he just had to buy!

Six great fly shops joining the Show this year.  Great Feathers and Backwater Angler in Baltimore County, Beaver Creek and Hunting Creek from Western Maryland and new to our show; Tochterman’s Fishing and Tackle from Baltimore and Precision Fly Fishing from Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania!

Vendor Spotlight: Jerry Kustich, Sweetgrass Rods

Our Legacy Making Bamboo Rods…

jerry.kustichSweetgrass Rods represents the end of a long line of bamboo rod makers whose names read like a who’s who of bamboo:  Lew Stoner, Doug Merrick, Gary Howells, Tom Morgan, and Glenn Brackett.  These men put the estimable Winston Rod Company on the proverbial map.  Sweetgrass founder and Master Craftsman Glenn Brackett knew each of these men and learned the craft under their tutelage.

In fact, at one point, Brackett was an owner of Winston Rod Company.

In 2006, in a highly publicized departure, Brackett and partner Jerry Kustich left Winston to start Sweetgrass Rods.

Today, Sweetgrass stands alone in the category of “production bamboo rod shop.”  To our knowledge, no other company produces bamboo rods in the quantities we do.  In 2013, for example, we made and shipped over 250 bamboo rods. 

For some, 250 may seem like a small quantity.  However, each rod requires 40+ person hours of labor, not to mention sweat and tears.  With many fine bamboo rod makers out there, the craft seems healthier than it has been in decades.  Sweetgrass’ process, however, allows us to produce rods with identical action and in quantities few, if any, can match.

Elegant art forms that are effective fishing tools, available at several price ranges, and with reputable experience at the bench—our rods come together to provide a magical experience on the water like no other!

The Tradition Continues

In the mid-seventies Tom Morgan and Glenn Brackett moved the Winston Rod company to Twin Bridges. They believed that this location would inspire the intangible perfection they sought in a rod truly built for fly anglers. This holds true for Sweetgrass Rods as well.

The fly rods we build on the banks of the Beaverhead River will be based upon a wealth of knowledge, disciplines and gifts handed down by master craftsmen Lew Stoner, Doug Merrick, Gary Howells, and several other Western builders. Using their vision of blending quality workmanship into a practical tool that can cover a vast array of fishing opportunities, we will add our cumulative experiences, innovations and love of angling to a creation that expresses the true spirit of fly fishing.

Jerry has been a part of the “Boo Boy” team for the past twenty years, learning the many intricacies of rod building. Always found on a stream testing anything from flies to waders to pentagonal bamboo designs, he has recently expanded the Sweetgrass operations to Maryland. Author, devoted environmentalist, rod designer, and dedicated angler, he spends much time on the road as a fly fishing ambassador lecturer.

Commitment to Bamboo Fly Rod Making

For years, it has been our collective credo to build bamboo fly fishing rods with an uncompromising dedication to a time-honored craft for people who love to fly fish. This has been our passion—a heart and soul commitment to a legacy entrusted to us by folks like you. Because of your expectations and dreams, this tradition will continue at Sweetgrass Rods.

We are committed to doing all the right things for all the right reasons. As Glenn Brackett often says, “If fly fishing doesn’t make us better people, then what’s the point?” Likewise, if our philosophy is not manifested in the work we do, then there is really no sense doing it. We look at Sweetgrass Rods as our last opportunity to contribute to the fine tradition of bamboo fly rod building as well as to share our beliefs in what can be accomplished if we all work together for a common good.

Visit Jerry at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show


Vendor Spotlight: Catch-A-Lure

Fisherman’s helper – Turn your fly fishing rod into a fishing lure retriever


Advantages of using Catch-A-Lure

  • Can be used from a shoreline, wading or on a boat.
  • Cuts your line easily at a safe distance, when lure is tangled in tree. Mono, Braided up to 25lbs test.
  • Helps avoid contact with critters that live in trees & bushes.
  • Easily stores in a vest or tackle box.
  • Reduces environmental impact (lures tangled in trees) around rivers, lakes, ponds, mangroves, docks etc.
  • Best of all, helps you get your lure or fly back & saves you money.

Features of using Catch-A-Lure telescopic

  • Has an insert that accepts a stainless steel telescopic tube.
  • Collapsed measures 1’ 3” for easy storing
  • Extends 6’ 9” for maximum reach
  • Stainless Steel – won’t rust
  • Foam handle, floats – Also comes with lariat
  • Telescope can be detached from CatchALure for duel benefit of CatchALure
  • Pay for itself, every time

Great for Guides, Kayaks, Drift Boats or those Fly Fisherman that want an extendable CatchALure but don’t want to use own their fishing rod. Catch-A-Lure is saving all fishermen time, lures flies & money for all types of fishing. It protects our environment; keeps our rivers, ponds & lakes clean from micro-trash, order yours today.

See Dave at the Maryland Fly Fishing and Collectible Tackle Show

Vendor Spotlight: Precision Fly Fishing and Tackle, Holly Flies

Precision Fly

Justin and Erin Pittman are the owners of Precision Fly Fishing and Tackle and Holly Flies in Mt. Holly Springs Pa.

Precision Fly Fishing and Tackle was born from a love for the sport and desire to provide all the best fly fishing and outdoor products at a price that is accessible to everyone.  Fishing is a sport that offers leisure, challenge, and an appreciation of and respect for nature, while crossing all “walks of life” at the same time.  These are all values that we prioritize in our lives.

Our family-owned business comes from decades spent on the water and enjoying nature. We cherish our time spent outdoors with our children and friends and know that top-quality products are not always easy to come by. With our store in Mt. Holly Springs Pennsylvania, and our reach throughout the US and Canada, we feel we have an insider’s knowledge with some of the best products in the industry through our amazing guides and partners. When we find the perfect gear and apparel that is comfortable, durable, and great for the outdoors, we want to share our excitement!  We stand by our products because we use our products.  We find true enjoyment in interacting with our customers and hearing of their own adventures.

No matter where you are, we want you to feel like we are your local fly shop down the street; our customer service is top-notch and we would love to talk with you about why our products are the best.

At Precision Fly Fishing and Tackle, we are always looking to make connections; it is what got us here in the first place. If there is something you would like us to carry that you do not see in the store or on the website, drop us a line and let us know. In the meantime, we hope you will have as much fun “Feeding Your Habit” as we do.

Stop by and see the large display of products Justin will have for sale at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!


Vendor Spotlight: Julie Szur

I was born and raised in Bradford, Pa, a small valley town nestled in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest. I started fishing the local trout streams with my dad at the age of five using worms, minnows, and occasionally, artificial flies. As I grew older, my love for fishing continued to grow.

julie szurDuring trout season, I guide different rivers in Central PA specifically on Pine Creek and the Little Juniata.

During the fall & winter, I split my time between the Pine Creek area and the Erie tributaries, where I enjoy chasing Steelhead.

When I was 18-years-old I worked at a tackle shop and where I first met Lefty Kreh. His passion for fly fishing inspired me to learn more about the sport. I immediately began reading, studying, and getting hands on casting instruction from Lefty, Ed Jaworowski, Bobby Clouser, and Wanda Taylor. They have all been great mentors in my life.

Now more than 20 years later, I am still sharing the fly fishing knowledge that I learned from my mentors and personal experiences on the water with my clients.

I also am involved in many local fishing clubs, stockings, and conservation activities in both PA and NY. I especially enjoy working with women & children. I help Boy Scouts get their fishing badges, instruct fly fishing programs to cancer survivors & veterans, and teach at PA Fish & Boat Commission’s women’s intro to fly fishing.

My guiding is heavily instruction based for men, women, & children where I focus on stream entomology, fly tying, water reading, casting, and catch & release techniques.

I guide on a wide variety of waters for many different species such as brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, carp, bass, & musky. I do both walk & wade trips along with float trips for individuals and groups.

My ultimate goal is to introduce fly fishing to others and what this amazing sport has to offer. It’s a life time of passion for generations to come.

Stop by and say hi to Julie and learn of the trout fishing in western Pennsylvania at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: Bill Skilton

bill skilton


Bill will have rods, reels, tackle, tying materials and Ed Koch’s rods and reels.

Fly fishing with an old friend and fellow fly tier

Written by Walt Young, July 2017 for the Altoona Mirror

My long career as a fishing professional has been a rewarding one, and I’ve always been grateful for the countless opportunities it has provided me.

But over the past three decades, my most enduring angling memories aren’t always of amazing destinations or some of the great fish caught there. Some of my best and most gratifying recollections involve the many wonderful folks I’ve met and long-term friendships I made along the way, especially in the realm of fly fishing.

I first met Bill Skilton and his wife, Nancy, at a fly-fishing show almost 30 years ago. I was presenting fly-tying demonstrations at the show, and the Skiltons had a booth there selling Bill’s specialty fly-tying materials, tackle and some vintage fly-fishing books. I was an avid student and collector of fly-fishing literature even then, and they happened to have an autographed copy of “Just Fishing” by Ray Bergman, which caught my eye. Bergman was one of my early fishing heroes, even though he passed away in 1967, just a few years after I began fly-fishing and fly tying. His classic book, “Trout,” provided my earliest instruction in those pursuits, and I read it several times while still in junior high school. The prospect of adding a signed Bergman title to my collection proved irresistible, so after inspecting the book several times, I bought it on the last day of the show. That transaction years ago sparked a lasting friendship with Bill Skilton, a great fly tier and personality in Pennsylvania fly-fishing.

Bill is from Boiling Springs in Cumberland County, the home of Yellow Breeches Creek, Letort Spring Run, Big Spring Creek and the other legendary limestone streams of that region. He began his fly-fishing career in the early 1970s working in a fly shop owned by the noted angler and author Ed Koch. In the years that followed, he was able to connect and become friends with many of the other notable fly-fishermen of that region, including Charlie Fox, Vince Marinaro, Ed Shenk and Ross Trimmer. A knowledgeable and talented fly tier, he also began to source unique and useful synthetic fly-tying materials, especially items useful for ants, beetles and other terrestrial insects to tempt the ever-finicky trout on the fabled limestone waters.

His quest for materials soon became a significant sideline business, and by 1990 he was not only supplying individual tiers but also major dealers like Orvis with his Quick Sight Ant bodies and other special components. In 2002, Skilton became an author himself when he wrote and published his own book, “My Fly Patterns, Materials and Techniques” in a limited edition of 1,600 copies. The original run has long since sold out, and I’m hopeful he will consider another edition sometime in the future.

Skilton’s sideline business finally became a fulltime pursuit a few years ago when he quit his “real job” to devote all his efforts to marketing fly-tying materials and fly tackle. His focus remains specialty fly materials like foam ant bodies, leg materials and hackle, along with quality used fly rods and reels. In addition to a customer base throughout the U.S. and Canada, he regularly ships his merchandise to the United Kingdom, France and elsewhere in Europe and to far-flung locations such as Singapore, Russia and Australia. To check out what he offers, search “skilto” on eBay or “Bill Skilton” on Facebook.

Despite being friends for so long, Bill and I had never fished together, so I was delighted when he was able to travel to my home area last week, and we were able arrange a day of fishing on a wonderful stretch of private water on Spruce Creek. The only downside was the ominous forecast for rain for most of the day, including a batch of thunderstorms. As we stepped into the water that morning, the sky was solid with threatening gray clouds, and we both were hoping for at least a few hours of fishing before the rains came.

It was no surprise that Bill chose to start with one of his simple beetle imitations, and in a few minutes a nice rainbow became the first victim to it. The heavy overcast and cool temperatures put the fish in a cooperative mood, and by noon, we had landed about 20 fish, all on that same beetle pattern. And other than a few brief sprinkles, we had no rain to spoil the party.

Over lunch, we reminisced about the old days and caught up with our recent affairs, especially Bill’s current duties as president of the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Association. It has been an eventful year for that organization, as the museum moved into its own freestanding building on the banks of the Letort just outside Carlisle. I visited the new location last spring and can say it is an impressive site and well worth seeing for anyone interested in the history and legacy of fly-fishing in Pennsylvania.

Stop by Bill’s booth for some great fly fishing materials and tackle at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Speaker Spotlight: Bob Romano



Bob will be giving a presentation of fly fishing in Maine and sell his new book, “The River King”.

Bob lives with his wife, Trish, and their two Labrador retrievers,
Winslow Homer and Finnegan, in rural northwestern New Jersey. The family owns a small cabin on a wilderness lake in western Maine where they spend much of their free time. Bob is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and the New England Outdoor Writers Association.

Trish and the couple’s daughter, Emily Rose, provide artwork for Bob’s books
and magazine articles as well as proofread his books. Trish also puts up with his antics and takes photographs of the great outdoors.

“I have always thought that hawks, like trout, are the cowboys of the natural world. Of course, growing up in New Jersey during the nineteen fifties, my idea of cowboys was… Gary Cooper in High Noon – western samurais, loners distrusted by the mainstream, their independence admired, but also feared, by a society which values progress over all else. As a kid, I wanted to be a hawk.”
– from Hawks and Crows by Bob Romano

Watch a small clip with Bob and the Maine outdoors:

Don’t miss Bob’s presentation at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: John Shaner

John’s video above talking about some of the classic Hardy reels

John has been fly fishing for as long as he can remember. He caught his first trout on a fly he tied himself in 1965. He grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York and was fishing the Catskill Rivers as soon as he could drive. Over the years John have fished for trout extensively across the US and has made several trips to England to fish the famous Chalk Streams and other rivers. He has been in the fly fishing business since 1985 and have managed fly shops, guided, and worked as a sales representative for Orvis, Cortland Line, and since 2008 with Hardy. Currently, he holds the position of Eastern Regional Fly Fishing Manager for Pure Fishing, the parent company of Hardy, Fenwick, and Hodgman.  His interest in fly tying goes back to boyhood. He is mostly self-taught but has studied many techniques over the years and have a special interest in reproducing traditional patterns. The Catskill style of dry flies was my first love, but in the past 15 years his focus has been on British wet flies. He also like to experiment with new patterns, but is a bit of a traditionalist in his use of materials and seldom incorporate synthetics into his flies, preferring natural silk, fur, and feathers. John has a special fascination for “Spiders” (Americans call them “Soft Hackles”), and enjoy tying and fishing these simple, elegant, and deadly flies. His other passion is collecting tackle and angling books. His “library” (which is getting out of hand!) is primarily devoted to books detailing the development of flies and tying techniques. John is a member of The Anglers’ Club of New York, The Flyfishers’ Club of London, The Theodore Gordon Fly Fishers, and The DeBruce Fly Fishing Club. Currently, he lives in southern New York State, just a few minutes from the Beaverkill and West Branch of the Delaware.

Stop by and see John’s booth sponsored by Hardy and make sure you see his presentation!

Vendor Spotlight: Grauer’s Fine Fly Tackle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello, I’m Wayne Grauer (left in photo), sole owner of Grauer’s Fine Fly Tackle.  I am the founder of the Maryland Fly Fishing and Collectibile Tackle Show and have been in the fly fishing business for thirty plus years and have had the pleasure of meeting many of you at the various fly fishing shows on the East Coast that I have participated in over the years.

I was the oldest R.L. Winston dealer in the country.  Other companies I’ve represented were: Charlie & Steve Jenkins, Jon Parker, John Zimny, Hardy, Ross and Cortland.  I presently sell:  Hardy, Douglas, Cortland, Wulff, Chota and Pure Fishing products.

Over these many years,  I have had pass through my hands many of the classic and modern bamboo rods,  fiberglass rods and reels.  I’ve learned alot about vintage tackle from persons such as Joe Garman, Fred Grafeld, Bob Selb, Tom Clark, Jack Coyle, Hoagy Carmichael, John Shaner and rod builders Per Brandin, Glenn Brackett, Tom Morgan, Jerry Kustich, Marc Aroner, Dana Gray, Domenic Croce, Charles and Steve Jenkins, Jon Parker, John Zimny and others.  These gentlemen were more than generous with their help and have become cherished friends and I am eternally grateful to them.

Also, helping at my own booth while I work with our vendors will be my good friend Fred Grafeld, owner / operator of the original Vintage Tackle (1979 -20??), and more recently rod cataloger and auction manager for Crossroads Angling Auction.

Please come to the Maryland Fly Fishing Show, stop by my booth and say hello…

Vendor Spotlight: Joe Bruce

joe bruce

A half century of fly fishing, as well as tying flies, has given me a pretty good understanding of fish and a better appreciation of their environment. It wasn’t always that way though; my first experience with the fly rod was not a pretty sight. I bought a dozen flies from a department store for a dollar (you can imagine the quality) and went to a farm pond armed with my Dad’s hardware store outfit. I actually did catch some bluegill, though, and was hooked. Soon after, I started to tie my own flies. I bought my first fly tying kit for eight dollars and proceeded to tie some strange flies with it. Some of the results actually worked on bass, panfish and saltwater species. This inspired a love of designing flies that has never left me.

I opened The Fisherman’s Edge Fly Shop in 1989 and it existed for fifteen years before I decided to retire and play more, (my wife always felt I played before this). In those years I helped thousands of folks to enjoy fly fishing and in the process I kept maturing and expanding my love for the sport. I became a freelance writer, authored four books and numerous booklets on fly fishing and tying. I’m always tinkering at the tying bench trying to create that “silver bullet,” the fly that will catch every fish, every time ….I’m still looking.

joe bruce


All the flies on this site are time-tested through years plowing the waters of the United States as well as the world and are tied by me personally.

Visit Joe at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show and check out his new book!


Vendor Spotlight: Ed Symonds


Mr. Symonds is a Contemporary Realist Painter.  He had been painting Seascapes, Wildlife, Urban Scenes and Rural Landscapes for over 45 years up and down the east coast all on location.

As a Painter, he works from his observations in nature while painting on location with his French easel producing scenes that reflect natural sunlight and earthscape compositions.  He also creates Montages/Assemblages into Fine Art Landscapes all constructed from Re-cycled materials and Seaglass from Hawaii using resin to fuse on old picture frames and old window frames. His Sculptural reliefs of trout, bass, stripers, and marine life have been sold to outdoorsmen, guides and collector in the fishing world.

Between 1977 and 1979 he attended Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, MA and received an Associate in Science degree in Painting before moving on to complete his BFA in Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in 1982, major Painting.  He has studied under several painters which include George Nick of (Concord, MA), Jeremy Foss of (Maine), Jean Cauthen of (Gardner, MA) and William Gruters of (Gardner, MA). Mr. Symonds has shown at many galleries and museums across the country.

He accepts commissions and places a guarantee on all his works that he produces.


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Vendor Spotlight: Streamer King Flies

StreamerKingFlies (2) (1280x1280)Our mission at Streamer King Flies is to tie top quality flies that produce fish.  We provide custom color combinations and fly combos upon request to suit your needs.  That way no matter where you are in the world you can have flies to fit your forage base and water.  Taking a trip contact me and we will customize an order to fit your needs.   We have sold flies to  Orvis endorsed guides Aaron Rendos, Shane Appleby, and Jim Minich of the Glendorn Lodge, George Daniel of Livin’ on the Fly, Lance Wilt of Wilts Outcast Anglers, Nic Raftas of Sky Blue Outfitters, as well as Chase Howard of Dirt Roads and Blue Lines, and Justin Damude of HiptotheStrip.  Even shipped to Australia!  We have a full line-up of flies at Don Kelly’s Tackle Shack in Wellsboro, Pa, and Musky Flies at Lund’s Fly Shop in Wisconsin.

I am proud to represent the companies I do.  I am Holly Flies Pro Staff, Jerkbaitmania Pro Staff, and Orvis Friends in the Field Representative.

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streamer king

Vendor Spotlight: Backwater Angler

backwater logo

Backwater Angler is located at 107 Mt. Carmel Rd Ste. 106 Parkton, MD 21120

The shop has been in town as long as coldwater has been pulled through Pretty Boy Dam and was formerly owned by Wally Vait as On the Fly.

Backwater Angler is a full service fly shop thirty-five minutes from downtown Baltimore, Maryland and steps from the Gunpowder river. The Gunpowder is a tailwater fishery located in Baltimore county that supports a nationally recognized stream-bred population of wild brown trout. The first seven miles of river is managed by the state as a catch and release, artificials only section the remaining 11 miles downstream also contain wild trout and are managed as a two fish a day any method wild trout water and a five fish a day stocked water.

Backwater Angler is proud to offer a top-notch fly fishing guide service that specializes in the pursuit of wild brown trout on Maryland’s Gunpowder River.The fly fishing guide service also focuses on other Maryland trout fishing destinations such as Morgan Run, Big Hunting Creek, Savage River, Potomac, North Branch of the Potomac, Youghiogheny, Casselman, and Beaver Creek.

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Vendor Spotlight: Susquehanna Rod Company

susquehanna rod company logo

Susquehanna Rod Company was founded in 2016. Located in Mechanicsburg, PA, they have been bringing the best selection of rods and rod repair to their customers. Their business name has become synonymous with quality throughout the region. They provide customers with a variety of custom built rods as well as unique, limited edition items and apparel.


  • Environmental Stewardship – Growing up in the Susquehanna Valley I know the importance of Environmental Stewardship.  Clean waters and clean lands are what we need so that our children can enjoy the outdoors as much as we do.
  • Quality – We strive to create the best possible quality that we can.   
  • Customer Service – Customer Service is very important to us because we know that the customer is putting their faith in us to create a product that is everything that they are looking for. 
  • Community Outreach – We are dedicated to the environment and helping keep our waters clean for everyone to be able to fish and enjoy.  We will work hand in hand with the local communities on stream and river clean-ups, environmental stewardship, and kid’s fishing days.

susquehanna rod image

susquehanna rod hats


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