Vendor Spotlight: Susquehanna Rod Company

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Susquehanna Rod Company was founded in 2016. Located in Mechanicsburg, PA, they have been bringing the best selection of rods and rod repair to their customers. Their business name has become synonymous with quality throughout the region. They provide customers with a variety of custom built rods as well as unique, limited edition items and apparel.


  • Environmental Stewardship – Growing up in the Susquehanna Valley I know the importance of Environmental Stewardship.  Clean waters and clean lands are what we need so that our children can enjoy the outdoors as much as we do.
  • Quality – We strive to create the best possible quality that we can.   
  • Customer Service – Customer Service is very important to us because we know that the customer is putting their faith in us to create a product that is everything that they are looking for. 
  • Community Outreach – We are dedicated to the environment and helping keep our waters clean for everyone to be able to fish and enjoy.  We will work hand in hand with the local communities on stream and river clean-ups, environmental stewardship, and kid’s fishing days.

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Stop by and see Shawn and his rods and other products at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

Vendor Spotlight: Flies By Two Brothers

FBY2It began in August 2014 when Palmer and Mason Kasprowicz’s grandfather was moving.

He packed up his fly-tying materials and a vise one evening and brought them over to give to his two grandchildren in Reston. He taught them to tie their first flies and they were hooked.

Mason, who was 12 years old at the time, and Palmer, who was 11, began scouring the internet for fly-tying videos and continued to teach themselves new patterns and techniques.

“Whenever we had free time, we found tying flies was something we enjoyed doing,” Palmer said.

The boys hadn’t been introduced to fly fishing when they first started tying. That came next as the two brothers started fishing local ponds with their father and occasionally making a trip to the Shenandoah National Park to fish for native brook trout.

“Ironically we got into fly fishing through fly tying,” Mason said.

The two brothers began showing their flies to friends and teachers at school, and one night, while sitting around the dinner table they had an idea. They would start their own fly-tying company and save the profits to help pay for college.

Flies by Two Brothers was born and based around a simple equation FLIES=MC2 (money for college for two brothers). Both hope to study engineering.

The two quickly hired mom, Marni Kasprowicz, as volunteer, chief marketing officer, and chief financial officer. And she also has to drive them around to Trout Unlimited meetings, where they sell flies, and to fly-fishing shows like the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival, the Rapidan Trout Unlimited Chapter Fishing Show, and the South River Fly Fishing Expo, where the two will have a table later this month.

“Some people have suggested we give her a pay raise. Unfortunately, we are not quite ready to do that,” Mason joked.

Mom has taken it in stride of course. “It’s been so much fun,” Marni said.

Palmer and Mason spend most of their free time tying flies to fill orders placed on their website

Both brothers attend South Lake High School in Reston. Mason is a sophomore and Palmer a freshman.

Mason likes to tie in the morning.

“It’s a nice way to start the day. It’s relaxing and you can be proud of yourself for what you have accomplished,” he said.

Mason’s favorite fly is the Caddis wulff, a dry fly named after fly fishing icon, Joan Wulff.

Palmer is more of an afternoon tier. His favorite fly is the Rainbow Warrior, a multicolored nymph.

The two continue to promote the sport of fly fishing. They have started a fly fishing club at their school and will be volunteering at the Trout Unlimited fly fishing camp this summer.

Last year, they netted somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 each, so they have a ways to go to pay for the two engineering degrees, but they have a head start on most kids their age, having already learned how to build a website, market their product and deliver on orders.

And for two brothers, they say “We try to get along pretty well.”

Article first appeared in the Richmond Times Dispatch April 2018 by Tee Clarkson

Visit to check out some of Mason and Palmer’s work and come to the Maryland Fly Fishing Show to meet them in person!

L.J. Downes Rod Company


Jim Downes has been building bamboo fly rods professionally for more than 15 years.  The enthusiasm and dedication to the art of cane rod making is reflected in the exacting fly rods he crafts.  Culms of bamboo used in the L J Downes rod shop were hand selected in China over two decades ago.  His tapers are proprietary, based on but not copied from Heddon’s high-end fly rods.  Attention to detail and outstanding workmanship are the hallmarks of an L J Downes bamboo fly rod.  Not only are these rods pleasing to the eye, they are made to be fished!

Jim is a full time rod maker, living and working in the heart of Central Pennsylvania’s trout stream country.  His rod shop is located in Coburn, PA on the banks of Penns Creek, one of the states finest limestone streams.  In the time left between building cane rods and trout fishing, he also teaches bamboo rod building classes. Thus continuing the tradition of crafting fly rods made from hand tapered strips of bamboo and the long heritage of makers past and present across the country.

Jim is currently working with Walt Carpenter to produce a series of 3 rods in the Catskill Tradition. The tapers originated when Walt worked as a Master Rod Maker at the Payne Rod Company. The rod cosmetics are a collaborative effort between Walt and Jim. The rods are being built by Jim in his shop.

You are invited to stop by the rod shop and see how split cane rods are made.  Talk with the maker, take rod out and cast it.  You will be impressed at how well they cast.  According to Jim ‘there is no difference between need and want when it comes to bamboo rods.”

Stop by and see Jim’s highly crafted bamboo rods at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: Project Healing Waters


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) began in 2005 serving wounded military service members at Walter Reed Army Medical Center returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then, PHWFF has expanded nationwide, establishing its highly successful program in Department of Defense hospitals, Warrior Transition Units, and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and clinics.

Project Healing Waters brings a high-quality, full-spectrum fly fishing program to an ever-expanding number of disabled active military service personnel across the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, in Military Hospitals and the Warrior Transition Command. We focus our resources wherever the need is greatest and expand our partner base in the process. PHWFF has become recognized as an innovative leader and model in the field of therapeutic outdoor recreation for the disabled, through its successful application of the sport of fly fishing as a rehabilitation tool.

Representatives from this fine organization will at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show.  Stop by their booth especially if you would like to join or volunteer your services…

Vendor Spotlight: Coastal Impressions


Nancy and her husband specialize in the art form called “Gyotaku”.

Gyotaku (Japanese 魚拓, from gyo “fish” (say “joe”) + taku “rubbing”) is the traditional Japanese method of printing fish, a practice which dates back to the mid-1800s. It is believed that fishermen used the prints to record their catches to enable competition between remote fishing campsites.  It has become an art form of its own. Paint or Ink is applied directly to a fresh fish and prints (impressions, rubbings) are made.   Much like Batik, imperfections are a part of the process.

rockfish-blue-background-40x30-with-logov2_orig - Copy

See Nancy’s stunning artwork at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: Hunting Creek Outfitters


Have you ever noticed the water bowls outside a downtown store or a small sticker on a business’s window that says “pet-friendly!”? Well that’s because more than 40 businesses are pet-friendly and love seeing your best friend in store.

About five years ago, Downtown Frederick Partnership started tracking how many businesses are pet-friendly and noticed it was “pretty prominent,” with not only stores getting in on the fun, but food and craft beverage businesses as well.

“If it’s a retail location, come on in and shop with your dog, and if it’s a restaurant, it means they have an outdoor seating location where pets are welcome,” said Leeann Dickerson, marketing and promotions manager for the partnership. “I think it goes with the vibe of downtown Frederick. A lot of people who live here are out walking with their pets, and they stop in and pick something up in a store. It’s a source of convenience for their lives.”


Another pet-friendly business with a shop pup is Hunting Creek Outfitters, also on North Market Street. Store owner Murray Friedman has been in business for 17 years and has been pet-friendly for that long too. His Llewellin setter, Maizey, is always in house. “We love dogs — all pets, for that matter,” he said. “We don’t want to discourage someone from not being able to come in the store because they happened to be walking their dog downtown.”

He said allowing dogs in the store isn’t bad for business either, adding that the store even sells some pet supplies. “When we sell that stuff, we encourage people to bring their pets in and literally try it out,” he said. “The dog can lay on the bed, it can put the collar on, those kinds of things.”

He and Schneider both said they were not surprised that so many businesses downtown are pet-friendly as it’s the “general feel of downtown.”

And it’s a good conversation-starter when shoppers bring in their dog, Friedman said.

“We like just being friendly and full-service,” he said. “We’ve had people come in, let’s say it’s a couple, and one stands outside with the pet and the other one’s in the store shopping and we’ll literally walk out and say, ‘hey, you can come in with your dog.’

“We’re happy to do it,” he added. “And I’m always pleased to see other businesses that do it, too.”

(Excerpts from The Frederick News Post, November 4, 2018)

Stop by Hunting Creek Outfitters booth at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show. Maizey will be back at the shop!

Vendor Spotlight: Northkill Tackle

northkill nets


Hello and welcome to Northkill Tackle!  We are your #1 source for handmade wooden landing nets, custom fishing rods and vintage fishing tackle.

Excluding a fishing rod, a landing net just may be the most important piece of fishing gear you will own.  You don’t ever want to be in a position on the water where you need a landing net and don’t have one.  An even worse fate would be reeling a fish of a lifetime, only to lose it the moment your cheap, import net fails.

Whether you target trout and steelhead or bass, pike and muskie, we can make a landing net for you.  All of our nets are handmade to last using hardwoods harvested in Pennsylvania.  Wood strips are steam bent, placed on a form and glued together.  After the rough form is complete, it is fully sanded and then finished with multiple coats of epoxy.  Our landing net bags come from an American distributor and laced, by hand, to the frame.

For those of you who are interested in a basic rod that is made with a high degree of attention and care, Northkill Tackle offers two flagship rods – one a fly rod, the other a spin fishing rod.

Our flagship fly rods are 4-piece 5-weights that are 9’ in length.  This is a rod that can catch trout, panfish and bass all in the same day.  These rods are built on Proof carbon fiber blanks and feature Pac Bay guides and tip tops.  The reel seat and grip are from American Tackle.

Our mission is simple — to create heirloom-quality products that are reasonably priced.

Our shop is located at the base of the Blue Mountains in Berks County, PA and we have access to some of the the best locally sourced hardwoods.  Likewise with our fishing rods, we use the highest quality components available.  We are here to give you quality customer service long after a sale is made.  Throughout the lifetime of your new product Northkill Tackle will be here to support you.

See Chris at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show and order your custom landing net for Spring!

Bamboo Rods, not for everyone or are they?


Ever cast a bamboo rod?  If you would like to try one, why not attend the Maryland Fly Fishing Show on Saturday, March 16, 2019.  There are many misconceptions about bamboo rods.  For instance-you have probably heard that they break easy or cannot hold a heavy fish, they cost thousands of dollars and you have to treat them with kid gloves.  First, any rod can be broken if the owner is careless in its’ use.  I once saw a demonstration by Bill Cairns of Orvis where he took a butt section of a bamboo rod and the butt sections of a glass and graphite rod.  He struck all three with equal force on the edge of a counter.  The bamboo rod had no fractures or breaks, where both the glass and graphite sections broke!  Granted you will not be slapping your rods on corners of tables!  The demonstration merely showed the actual strength of a bamboo rod. As far as landing heavy fish-Joe Brooks, the pioneer of salt-water fly-fishing landed a 100 lb. tarpon on a bamboo fly rod with no damage to the rod!  The last misconception is price.  Yes, many highly collectable cane rods are expensive but many can be purchased for under $300-much less than a high quality graphite.

It is not my intention to tell people they should own a bamboo rod, as I fish many excellent graphite and glass rods.  I just want fly anglers to know that cane rods are a viable alternative and truly connects us to the sport of fly-fishing.

Please come to the show, look at some bamboo rods, take the next step, and cast one-you might be delightfully surprised! Of course, in addition to the bamboo rods, there will be many excellent new and used glass and graphite rods for you to consider.

Wayne Grauer

See the classic bamboo rods and Hardy reels our Show Founder will have for sale at the Show!

Coffee Show Mugs

coffee mug 2019Our unique cork mugs with top are now on sale. Purchase online now and we will reserve one for you to pick up at the show. You will also receive a coupon for your first cup of coffee FREE!!

Maryland Fly Fishing Show Mug

Show mug, 14 oz. tall ceramic & cork mug with slide top-$7.50 for shipping included.


Vendor Spotlight: Chesapeake on the Fly

Chesapeake on the Fly is a full saltwater fly fishing and light tackle guide service that runs charters on Tangier/Pocomoke Sounds and the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. We specialize in shallow water angling on pristine grass flats, tidal creeks, and marshes.  Chesapeake on the Fly caters to both the experienced and new angler alike, and can custom build your charters to make for a memorable experience on the Chesapeake. Our trips are based primarily out of Crisfield, Maryland and depart from the Somer’s Cove Marina boat ramp.


Chris is a third-generation angler who has spent his entire life fishing the Chesapeake and the coastal bays of Maryland and Virginia. During the mid-90s he began fishing Tangier and Pocomoke Sounds almost exclusively in order to pursue the speckled trout and striped bass that thrive in the surrounding islands, marshes, and grass flats of the region.   To Chris, there is nothing more rewarding than providing a high-quality experience for his anglers.  Whether it is a first ever caught fish, or catching a trophy fish on the fly rod, anglers tend to fall in love with fishing in this beautiful and remote region of the Chesapeake Bay.

Meet Chris at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight- Jim Tingey, The Flat Taxidermist


Jim Tingey calls himself a flat
taxidermist. Most of us would call
him an artist.
Jim is retired, or so he says, but you’d
never know it from his schedule.
Before Jim retired from teaching fourth
graders, he used to invite his graduating
students to a one day fly fishing clinic
where he would bring in members of the
local TU Chapter to help with casting
instructions and local fly tiers to teach the
kids how to tie a simple fly.
Oh, and he’d let the kids cast cane rods,
as one of the guys helping the kids said,
“What a great way to learn, cane rod,
tying lessons and bluegills, I wish I was
eleven again.”

Jim is active with a number of groups
who promote flyfishing, he donates
paintings to charitable organizations, he
promotes his business at trade shows and
has the same problem most of us do, one
more rod-itis. So he has a number of rods
and his own personal addiction: cane.
Jim admits, “It’s a problem, you pick up a
rod, it feels right, it looks great and then
you convince yourself, I should have this
rod and you wind up taking it home.” In
this case, home for a rod is the best man
cave I’ve ever been in: a saddle, lures,
photos, books, stuffed everything on the
walls and a guitar or two.
Jim is also a fine musician and from what
I understand, enjoys Jimmy Buffett tunes.
Like most Midwestern fly fishers, Jim
fishes for multiple species. He also takes
photos and makes drawings to use as
reference when someone wants a painting
of a specific type of fish.
Jim works from photos sent to him and
uses theses these drawings to help match
the photos of fish sent to him. So that
when the painting is done, it’s an accurate
representation of the fish. Jim also does
them , life sized. So if you catch that 54”
muskie, you can have an illustration of
the fish instead of a photo of you and
your catch.
He showed me a series of smallmouth
bass that he’d done, a musky, some
drawings of pheasant, and framed
artwork of flies that he’d painted for the
Orvis catalog.
I asked Jim, who taught him to draw and
who influenced him, “I’m a doodler, you
know, self-taught. I just kept at it, drawing
was something that I like to do and I’d
take a class or something but I just kept at
it and eventually, I started selling art from
time to time.”
Jim has artwork from coast to coast as
well as wall to wall.
“I think I’m a good alternative to a wall
mount and I usually add a photo insert
of my client so that when they look at the
painting, they’ll remember that moment.”
Jim Tingey, aka The Flat Taxidermist, all
around good guy, so if you’re thinking
about getting a wall mount, think flat,
your spouse might thank you.

Visit Jim at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

Vendor Spotlight: Gunpowder River Keeper


Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER® (GRK) is a grassroots, advocacy based membership organization charged with protecting, conserving and restoring the Gunpowder River and its Watershed.

GRK works to strengthen ties within the communities that benefit from this vital water resource by engaging in outreach activities, which have an inherent stewardship message that transcends economic, social and educational boundaries.

GRK is the 18th WATERKEEPER ALLIANCE®program in the Chesapeake region and takes responsibility for protecting and conserving the Gunpowder river and its watershed for the benefit of the public.

GRK also strives to create partnerships among existing non-profits in the Chesapeake Bay Region that share its goal of protecting, conserving and restoring the Gunpowder river and its environs for all users.

Become a member or donate to Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER® today to help ensure that this valuable water resource is protected from pollution from industry, agriculture, stormwater runoff, lawn fertilizers, and sewage overflows.

Vendor Spotlight: Steve Hartman Woodworking, LLC

vendor spotlight steve hartman woodworking

The Hartman Woodworking LLC brand has developed and moved forward by “word of mouth” and through local Fly Shops to date and we greatly appreciate your input and feedback that continues to make our products functional for the avid Fly Fisher!

Our business will continue to focus on “custom products” that are individually designed and developed by YOU as we specialize in turning your wants, desires and needs into heirloom quality, functional Fly Tying products that will serve you for many years to come and then you can pass down to the next generation.

Here’s a few pictures of what you will see at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show, stop by Steve’s tables and see what he could make for you!




Vendor Spotlight: Marc Aroner and Spinoza Fly Rods


The genesis of the Spinoza Rod Company dates to 1973, when, on the advice of friends, Marc Aroner walked into the Thomas & Thomas Rod Company in Greenfield, Massachusetts hoping to find someone who could repair his recently broken fiberglass fly rod. There he met bamboo rodmakers Tom Maxwell and Tom Dorsey and found himself mesmerized by their craft. He returned often in the months that followed, culminating with the signing of an apprentice contract early that fall. He has been making bamboo fly rods professionally ever since.

 When Aroner’s five-year apprentice contract ended, he accepted an invitation from Maxwell to join the storied Leonard Rod Company in Central Valley, NY, a company whose roots went back all the way to the earliest creation of the bamboo fly rod. During its heyday Leonard had probably put more high-quality fly rods in the hands of anglers than any other, and its name was known the world over.

Yet the emergence of graphite in the early 1970’s had brought major challenges to all of the venerable old rod shops, Leonard among them. With increased pressure to compete on cost, the labor and time-intensive process of crafting a fly rod from bamboo became an increasingly challenging proposition. And with the economic pressure beginning to cut into the quality of the work, in 1982 Aroner decided that he would set out and build rods under his own name.

It was a tough time because it was sort of the end of the big rodbuilding companies. There was too much pressure to mass-produce, and too much pressure to try and turn rodbuilding into a real profit engine. It just didn’t feel right to try and build bamboo rods the same way that you would run a spraycan factory—the shortcuts really cut into the quality of the rods. So I decided to leave and see if I could continue to uphold part of the tradition on my own.

Free to pursue his own standards of quality and craft, Aroner returned to his native Berkshires where he set up a rodmaking shop with Maxwell. Though building his own business from scratch was a difficult endeavor, he soon received an extraordinary stroke of luck.

One afternoon I got a phone call from a friend who said ‘Hey, Leonard is going out of business and all of its equipment is going to be auctioned off tomorrow. You need to get down here.’ So I hopped in my car, drove to New York that night, and slept in the auction parking lot . Of course, when I woke up that morning every rodmaker on the East Coast was there. I thought to myself ‘no way’, especially since I was young and didn’t have any money at the time. Yet for some reason—and I still can’t explain it to this day—there was a kind of lull during the middle of the auction when the biggest lot came up, the one with all of Leonard’s major equipment, and no one really realized it. So I shot my arm up and the next thing I knew I had become the proud owner of all of the cutting equipment from the entire Leonard rod shop.

After bringing the Leonard equipment back to Massachusetts, Aroner quickly cemented his reputation as one of the premier rodbuilders in the country. Fishermen, and especially dry-fly fishermen, admired the precision tapers and the smooth, quick action. Collectors admired Marc’s aesthetic standards and the fact that his acquisition of the Leonard beveler made him one of the few remaining rodbuilders with a direct link to the discipline, heritage, and craftsmanship of the old masters.

Yet after two successful decades of building rods under his own name—decades which also witnessed a renaissance in bamboo rod building and a proliferation of new makers—another idea was slowly developing. While Marc wholeheartedly embraced this renewed interest in custom bamboo, he also began to consider a venture that would pay better homage to the lineage and tradition of the craft. With this in mind Marc produced his first prototype “Spinoza” – a model designed in the fashion of early bamboo makers. The response was immediate: customers were so happy with the Spinozas that not only did Marc agree to continue making them, but he also decided to introduce them as his flagship model. And so the Spinoza Rod Company was born, the product of four decades of classic rodbuilding experience with a renewed emphasis on the craftsmanship from bamboo’s early golden era. 

aroner_hunt_pattern_Meet Marc at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: Brian Shumaker of Susquehanna River Guide Service

shumaker guide

Brian Shumaker is the owner of Susquehanna River Guides, specializing in fly-fishing for smallmouth bass on the Susquehanna River that runs through Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Susquehanna River is a fertile limestone river and home to one of the best smallmouth fisheries in the East. This majestic river is rich in food, with rock ledges and wide shallow riffles laden with nymphs, crayfish and other foods. This environment ensures prolific hatches and rapid growth rates and holds the promise of thrilling smallmouth fishing!

Off the river, Brian is active with various organizations, including Smallmouth Alliance and Trout Unlimited, and has been a guest speaker for many local and regional organizations. Publications such as Fly Fish America have covered Susquehanna River Guides, as well as regional newspapers and publications.

Call now for early reservations. Book your trip for 2019!
Call 717-574-5338 or email now for trip availability!

Visit Brian at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show!

Vendor Spotlight: Bill Anderson


Bill Anderson – President of the Little Juniata River Association; fly fishing instructor/guide; Innovative fly tyer; Inventor of the EZ-P wader zipper; National Finalist for the Field & Stream “Hero of Conservation” award 2014; and Outdoor News – Person of the Year for 2015.

Bill lives in a solar log house in Sinking Valley near Tyrone, located just five miles from the Little Juniata River.  He has fished the Little J since moving to Central Pa. in 1978. Bill and his wife, Carol Ann, raised three children and are now enjoying their two English Springers and five grandkids. Since retiring early in 2004:  Bill and Carol opened a coffee shop in Tyrone, Pa.; Bill and a partner started and ran a fly shop located on Spruce Creek; since 2005,  Bill  has served as the leader of the Little Juniata River Association, an award winning  501 c3 watershed conservation organization.

In the winter months, Bill writes, teaches fly tying classes, and installs EZ-P zippers in waders. Bill has written many articles on fly fishing and the Little Juniata River for regional magazines and newspapers.

Bill is the author of “Trout Boomer and the Little “j” – The story of a fly fisher and his love for the Little Juniata River”.  His innovative fly pattern, the CET (Crippled Emerger Transformer) was developed over several decades of observing and fishing the hatches on the little Juniata River. He has most recently contributed the chapter for the Little Juniata River in a newly released book titled “50 Best Places Fly Fishing the Northeast” – Stonefly Press.

Contact Bill at: His book may be purchased at  or see him at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

Vendor Spotlight: Henry Ramsey

My name is Henry Ramsay. I am the author of “Matching Major Eastern Hatches, New Patterns for Selective Trout” published by Stackpole / Headwater Books and released in January 2011, and co-author of “Keystone Fly Fishing Guide” released in 2017. I am a custom fly tier, fly fishing and fly tying instructor, photographer and presenter.

My life as a fly fisherman began more than 40 years ago on a stream in central Pennsylvania while watching someone fly fishing with flies they tied themselves. The image was magical and a lifelong obsession began at that point. After all these years the magic still hasn’t worn off. Since then my obsession has taken me to many of the best streams across my home state of Pennsylvania as well as streams and rivers in New York, Maryland, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Montana.

I have been a custom fly tier for many years, tying flies for trout fisherman across the US, as well as tying artistic and classic Atlantic Salmon flies. My tying work has been featured in several publications including the Art of Angling JournalThe Game Journal and the Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide and I contribute to Fly Fisherman and Eastern Fly Fishing magazines. I am a contract fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and am a member of the Daiichi Hook and Regal Vise Pro Staffs.

Fly fishing is a way of life for me and my pursuit of it takes many shapes and forms. Nearly every day finds me engaged in it in some form; from fishing, to tying flies, to photographing stream insects, developing and testing new fly patterns to teaching someone else how to enjoy the sport more.

Attend Henry’s free seminar at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

Vendor Spotlight: Leiderman Rod Co.



Fly fishing has meant alot to me throughout my life. It has provided endless amounts of joy and friendship. It has provided a quiet outlet in times of stress and sorrow. It has been a constant and remains a passion that never seems to dissipate.

Coming from a family of casual fisherman I was bitten by the fly-fishing bug in my early teenage years. The fever developed quickly with a rapid progression into all-things fly fishing.  Fly fishing led to fly tying.  Fly tying led to rod building and at the age of 15, I set out to build my first bamboo fly rod. With the aide of family and friends, I put together a small shop in the basement and got to work.  Quickly, I was addicted to all things bamboo.  Since that time, I have built dozens of bamboo rods for myself, friends, and family. I have experimented with hollow-fluting techniques and the effects on long, light bamboo fly rods. Just when these experiments were finally coming together I built a couple glass rods and soon my attention was turned almost entirely in that direction.

Since 2007, nearly all my time spent building fly rods has been crafting custom fiberglass rods to the highest standards possible on the finest glass blanks available. I quickly became a convert to glass and saw so much potential in the material’s strength, durability, sensitivity, and beauty. Interest in glass has boomed and the choices I have as a rodbuilder are ever expanding as new blank manufacturers come onto the scene. Being a busy husband, father of 2 busy children, working full time as a middle school science teacher, and studying for my doctorate in education (EdD) at Lehigh University, much of my unpredicatable “free” time is put into the crafting of rods.

I hope to strike a baIance between finding what is best for my family, my business, my education, and my career. In the end, rod building is in my blood and is not something I can set aside and ignore. Being a fly fisherman and craftsman is a major contributor of what defines me as an individual. I am excited to continue honing my craft and pushing myself to build the best rods I am capable of producing.

Stop by and see Matt’s amazing fly rods at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

Vendor Spotlight: Bob Selb


Hello!  My name is Robert Selb, maybe you have seen me at the major Fly Fishing Shows. I am a dealer and buyer of Classic and Collectable Books, Rods, Reels and Tackle.

Just to tell you a little about myself, I first started fishing when I was five years old.  Started fly fishing at fourteen. Started collecting Tackle around 22, and have been dealing in tackle for the last 30 years. I fished with my first cane rod (Hardy) in 1974.  It has been “Cane” ever since.  I enjoy traveling from coast to coast, talking and meeting and trading stories with many of the top rod builders.  I have fished from Chile to Alaska, all over the states. 

I am an agent for J. D. Wagner, Bill Harms, Rick Robbins, Bobby Taylor, John Gallas, Jim Beasley, Don Schroeder, Jim Downes and deal in many Classic and Collectable Cane Rods. We also carry Ron Kusse, and Dennis Menscer, Dana Gray, Marc Aroner and others.

I hope you make much time to enjoy the sport – it is a lot of fun! And yes!!  Please fish these fine cane rods!!  A lot of people ask me: “Do you fish with these Cane rods? There is no finer thing in life than catching a nice trout with a fine cane rod and a Classic Trout Reel!!

E-mail us at:


Visit Bob at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show

Vendor Spotlights: Let’s Get Started

As I write this blog in Northern Maryland, the temperature is 14 degrees! Perfect weather to straighten the fly tying room and do some writing. First the writing, only in the Show’s 3rd year, there’s are certain buzz in the air and on social media telling me how many folks are interested in attending this year. We have worked hard to expand the Show with over 60 vendors and 125 tables/booths full of fly fishing products, services and wisdom. Starting tomorrow I will post a short bio of each and every vendor attending the Show. Their will be a wide variety of vendors in the fly fishing world that will be attending the Show. We may not have any expensive trips to give away, but our vendors and partners at the Show have a great day planned for you. What we will have are independent rod makers of graphite, glass and bamboo, tackle dealers with new and collectible items, guides, artists, authors and a whole lot more. We are also proud to offer 5 FREE seminars throughout the day with experts on their topic.

I hope you enjoy waking up the next 54 days with a short but sweet preview of the vendors that make our Show great!

Ralph Valle


Show Day!

Only in its’ third year, the Show has quickly become a premiere regional show attracting a variety of professional exhibitors throughout the east coast. Doors are open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Tickets are only $10, kids under 12 are admitted free of charge.

The large commercial Shows certainly have their appeal if you are only looking for the new 2019 selection of rods/reels or want to book that special trip to Belize, but if you really want to experience fly fishing through the eyes of professional bamboo/graphite/glass rod builders, classic tackle dealers, national known artist and authors, regional guides not to mention our local fly shops from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, then this is a must attend event. We will have on display 65 vendors and have 130 tables and booths chock-full of everything fly fishing—ALL FOR SALE AT SHOW PRICES!

As we grow the Show each year we have attracted and provided more vendors. This year we will also have nationally recognized professional speakers on a wide variety of topics throughout the day-all for the cost of admission!

We are also proud to host a variety of non-profit organization booths that represent the fly-fishing sport with their dedicated service to this sport.

Did you say “any door prizes”, yes, with the price of admission; attendees earn a chance at numerous door prizes donated by our vendors and manufacturing brand leaders.  We will also have a special raffle table with big prizes for our winners.

The Maryland Fly Fishing and Collectible Tackle Show has something to offer everyone. There are multiple artists and shopping experiences beyond fly-fishing. The Show will be catered by Black & Gold Catering of Towson, Md. who will have some great food to serve.

Whether you have been fly-fishing your entire life or just getting started, this Show has something for you.

See you there…


What are you doing this Wednesday?

Perhaps one of the greatest fly casters on the east coast or at least on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore will be at the TU meeting this Wednesday night! In all seriousness, Rich will have a show and tell of the new expanded second floor fly shop at Tochterman’s. Very happy that Tochterman’s will be joining us at our Show next March!

Come on out and say hi, what else do you have to do?