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In an effort to support our Show Vendors, we have listed items for sale and their contact information.


Re-Cast Designs

Owner: Gregory Freeman

“Catch of the Day” ($485)                                 

(Original Table)


Stained wood top.  Legs, sides and drop box Espresso Brown.  Glass top has decorative beveled edges.  Natural rocks, sand, and sticks throughout.  18” Brook Trout in a vintage net.

Dimensions:27”x23 ½”x20” tall


“Rising Rainbow” ($500)

Stained wood top with original gold colored metal inlay trim maintained.  Gold colored foot caps on legs.  Legs, sides and drop box Espresso Brown.  Natural rocks, sand, and sticks throughout.  Fall foliage imbedded in water-like epoxy bottom. Rising 18” Rainbow Trout. 

Dimensions: 26”x23”x20” tall


“Fall Feast” ($550)

Two toned table with natural stained wood top, legs, and partial sides along with bronze painted side edges.  Original gold colored metal inlay trim maintained, along with gold corner tabs on the sides.  Beleved decorative edge on the glass top.  Two 13” Brook Trout rising for the same hopper.  Lots of natural stones, sand, sticks, acorns, and colorful fall foliage embedded in the water-like epoxy bottom.  

Diminsions: 26”x26”x22” tall


“Double Vision” ($515)


Decorative table with flowing edges and lines.  Naturally stained wood top with Espresso Brown sides and legs.  Two 13” rising Rainbow Trout rising in opposite directions.  Natural rocks, sand, sticks, and fall foliage throughout. Available with an LED strip under the center wood divider for ambient light (minor additional charge).  Beveled decorative edges on the glass tops.

Dimensions: 27”x23”x22” tall


Jerry Girard

For Sale

Rod Tubes

See Photos. Additional on request.

Shipping: $15 each rod tube. Will combine & ship lowest possible cost for multiple rod tubes..


1) W & M Granger Tube 9 ft (37&1/2”)…………….$50.00   

No dents, clean or leave as is. 2 areas had labels, glue residue remaining.

2) Granger Black:  8.5 ft (35&1/4 “) 3/2 Tube……………………$50.00

   Tube has numerous paint chips (see photos) throughout  its length, no dents.


3) Heddon, 8.5 ft Black Tube with Black Heddon 3/2 Bag………………………….$100.00

     Tube: 35&3/4 inches long, Bag: 33&1/2 inched long. Tube & Bag is in excellent condition except for a  small stain at bottom of bag (see photo). Heddon stamped in cap.


4) L. L. Bean Granger Style Tube: 7ft. (28&1/2”), no dents, clean tube…………$35.00


5) W & M Granger Style 46&1/2” Tube…………….$75.00

A longer tube which could be cut to length particularly for the 7ft, 2 pc. Grangers.

Clean tube, no dents.


Photos below descriptions-

Bright Salmon & Brown Trout.

Dana Lamb, Limited edition of 1500, 1964, 1st edition, slip cased, unsigned, excellent condition, glassine cover with some tears……………..$125.00


Where The Pools Are Bright & Deep.

Dana Lamb, Slip cased, unnumbered copy, unsigned, limited edition of 250, excellent condition………$150

Angling In America.

Charles Goodspeed, The Flyfisher’s Classic Library, 1996, excellent condition…$110.00


Jones Guide To Norway.

Frederic Tolfrey, The Flyfisher’s Classic Library, 1994, excellent condition…….$125.00



Julius vom Hofe:

Size 4 bait reel, nickle over brass with some brass showing, slightly bent full length foot……….$100.00


Capt. Chris D. Dollar
“Stay Healthy…Go Fishing!”
CD Outdoors &
Fishing Outfitter, Guide, & Outdoor Communications
(410) 991-8468

End-of Season Deals!
Ultimate Fx 12 Pro
There’s a reason the Ultimate FX 12 Pro is a favorite of fly and spin anglers. It has unmatched stability thanks to the patented, redesigned Tunnel Hull that allows more foot comfort when standing and casting. It is the premier SUV of kayaks, equally good for fishing, hunting and camping on the Chesapeake and its rivers. Key features include:
  • High-low seating positions—low for paddling, simply lift and relocate for a high fishing/sight-casting positions.
  • Open canoe-like cockpit offers ease of loading and unloading.
  • Lightweight.
  • Retail $1,199.00. Receive a free guided 3-hour trip with Capt. Chris Dollar [$250.00 value] or $125.00 Gift Certificate good for in-store or online items with purchase. 
Manta Ray 12XT
Performance, confidence and comfort so you can fish all day long at price you cannot beat. Sharp bow lines easily slice through choppy conditions and ride over swells. Key features include:
  • Frame Seat features two height positions – Low for position for paddling and the higher position to transition to a standing position to cast.
  • Outstanding cruising speed and tracking are impressive given its 33-inch beam
  • Retail $849.00.
  • Retail $1,199.00. Receive a free guided 3-hour trip with Capt. Chris Dollar [$250.00 value] or $50.00 Gift Certificate good for in-store or online items with purchase. 

Active Brook Trout and Fly

14x4x9 inches

contact:; view more work or contact about commissioned piece, other kinds of fish, via email or through




A colorful review of the world of fly fishers and collecting, including 30 interviews with leading collectors, experts, museum and club curators, tackle manufacturers, auctioneers and traders and dealers of antique, vintage and collectible fly fishing tackle.

In its 348 pages, Fly Fishing Treasures includes over 800 color photographs, the largest collection of images of antique and collectible fly rods, fly reels, flies, ephemera and accessories currently in print.

Format: 11 inches x 11 inches, 348 pages.

For orders, go to Steve Woit’s website:


The Art of Bruce Woodward

Contact Information:
Phone: 410-795-6875

Cool Shadows, Acrylic, 12 x 24, $1800.00 Framed
Summer Day, Acrylic, 8 x 10, 450.00 Framed
Morning Sun on Lost Land Acrylic, 9 x 12,  $600.00 Framed
In The Deep Woods, Acrylic, 9 x12 ,$600.00  Framed
Early Start, Acrylic, 8 x 10  $450.00 Framed
Seven X Pool, Acrylic, 8 x 16   $750.00. Framed

Ryan Smith

17″ Brook Trout Bronze Sculpture

Contact Ryan for pricing information



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