Fly Tier Series

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Delve into the rich history of fly tying, a fascinating art form deeply rooted in tradition. Dating back thousands of years, cultures worldwide have practiced the craft of creating artificial flies to allure fish. Early fly patterns were ingeniously crafted from natural materials like feathers, fur, and animal hair, techniques that still inspire contemporary fly tyers.

Two of our featured nationally known and respected tiers are as follows:


A New Mexico native, Tom Baltz has been a fly tier for over 40 years, the last 30 spent among the legendary tiers and anglers of the limestone valleys of south-central Pennsylvania, near Carlisle . Tom is the only four-time Pennsylvania State Fly Tying Champion and his flies have appeared in Field & Stream, Fly Fisherman Magazine, Art of Angling Journal, Eastern Fly Fishing, and American Angler magazines, the Orvis catalog (I.C.S.I. Midge, MuddBugger, Hatching Nymph, and Beetlenat), and his published book “Guide Flies”. He is a regular contributor to the Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide and appears at fly fishing shows around the country.


With a fly tying experience spanning 35 years, Allen Rupp’s passion for the craft was ignited amid the landscapes of the District of Columbia. His initial foray into fly fishing involved the pursuit of Potomac River smallies, marking the inception of a lifelong journey. Today, as the owner and operator of Fly On The Water, Allen’s flies have left their mark on waters across the globe – from the diverse terrains of Belize, Chile, Canada, Mexico, and the UK to the scenic landscapes of Colorado, Montana, New York, Wisconsin, and beyond.

Although residing in the bustling metropolis of New York City, Allen’s ties to the art of fly fishing extend far and wide. Recent endeavors have seen him immersed in the pursuit of saltwater fish, with a particular focus on the elusive snook. Allen’s expertise is deeply rooted in the teachings of the late Dave Whitlock, a close friend and mentor. Many of Allen’s fly patterns pay homage to Dave’s legacy, showcasing a seamless blend of tradition and innovation in the world of fly tying. Allen will be tying Dave Whitlock’s NearNuff Sculpin.