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John Shaner


John has been fly-fishing for as long as he can remember, catching his first trout in 1967 on a fly he tied himself. He grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York and has fished the Catskill Rivers extensively. Over the years, john has fished for trout across the US as well as the chalk stream of England. He has been in the fly-fishing business since 1985 and has managed fly shops, guided and worked as a sales representative for Hardy.  John has a special interest in spiders/soft hackles and enjoys spreading his fly tying knowledge of these simple, elegant but deadly flies.


Henry Ramsey


Henry is a well-known custom fly tyer, fly fishing and fly tying instructor, photographer and presenter. The author of “Matching Major Eastern Hatches, New Patterns for Selective Trout” and co-author of “Keystone Fly Fishing Guide” released in 2017.
My life as a fly fisherman began more than 40 years ago on a stream in central Pennsylvania while watching someone fly fishing with flies they tied themselves. The image was magical and a lifelong obsession began at that point. After all these years the magic still hasn’t worn off. Since then my obsession has taken me to many of the best streams across my home state of Pennsylvania as well as streams and rivers in New York, Maryland, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Montana.

I have been a custom fly tier for many years, tying flies for trout fisherman across the US, as well as tying artistic and classic Atlantic Salmon flies. My tying work has been featured in several publications including the Art of Angling JournalThe Game Journal and the Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide and I contribute to Fly Fisherman and Eastern Fly Fishing magazines. I am a contract fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and am a member of the Daiichi Hook and Regal Vise Pro Staffs.

Fly fishing is a way of life for me and my pursuit of it takes many shapes and forms. Nearly every day finds me engaged in it in some form; from fishing, to tying flies, to photographing stream insects, developing and testing new fly patterns to teaching someone else how to enjoy the sport more.


Per Brandin: Brandin Split-Cane Rods

Per Brandin

My intent in building cane rods is simply to make the finest rod that can be made, both in terms of craftsmanship and performance. This endeavor includes the evolution of design concepts relative to performance as well as aesthetic refinement and development.
I design rods with primarily two qualities in mind, smoothness and power. As an individual maker, I can design and build each rod exactly as I feel it should be. My annual rod production is, of necessity, very limited; please rest assured that when you purchase one of my rods, you are acquiring something truly unique with uncommon attention paid to its making.

Bart Lombardo: Panfish on the Fly
Bart Lombardo.1

Fly fishing for bluegill and other sunfish species has always been a passion of mine. Collectively known as panfish, these scrappy fighters were made to be pursued with a fly rod. The first fish I caught on a fly was a bluegill. When the day comes that I can no longer wade a trout stream or paddle a kayak, they will be around to be my last.
Although I am a multi-species angler, chasing fish with a fly rod in cold, warm and salt water, panfish hold a special place in my heart. Many other anglers I know feel the same way, and that is why Panfish On The Fly was created. It was also built for all the folks who live hundreds or even thousands of miles from the nearest trout. Why wait for the annual trip to trout country to pick up that fly rod. You have fish living right in your back yard that are just waiting to grab your fly. Bluegills and other panfish are found everywhere!


Dave Rothrock

Dave Rothrock has been pursuing trout and other species with a fly rod since the mid-1960’s and he’s been tying flies for a bit longer than he’s been fishing them.  He has fished throughout the East, into the Midwest, and Europe where he fished great waters in Austria and Slovenia.

Dave’s articles have appeared in FLY FISHERMAN, AMERICAN ANGLER and PENNSYLVANIA ANGLER magazines as well as other publications.  His fly patterns have have graced the pages of various publications, books and calendars.  He has presented programs on fly-fishing related topics to groups throughout the Eastern U.S. and Canada.  Dave is also a co-author of the book “Keystone Fly Fishing:  The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania’s Best Water.”

In 2004 Dave and George Daniel teamed together to compete in the northeast regional qualifier for Barrett Productions’ Fly Fishing Masters competition.  As a team they placed first out of 36 teams in the two day casting competition.

Dave is a former Orvis Endorsed Guide as well as a former FFI Certified Casting Instructor .  He has worked as an instructor in the L. L. Bean fly fishing schools and has taught fly fishing, casting and fly-tying classes for various fly shops and groups.  Dave currently guides and teaches fly fishing and casting through his business, Salmo-Trutta Enterprises as well as being on the staff of Sky Blue Outfitters.  He utilizes many of the best trout streams in central and north central PA as his classroom environment.

Dave serves as an Ambassador Pro with Douglas Outdoors and also serves on the Pro Staff of HMH Vises and Flystones.

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